Well everyone, this is what we have been waiting for, for the last 4 years (or 11 years, if you include the original rail trailers – Will Jeffery and Richard White!).  The first lot of funding allocated to the building of the trail from Murwillumbah to Crabbes Creek has been reserved.

The minister for Tourism and Major Events, Adam Marshall, met with a group of excited rail trail supporters at Murwillumbah Station yesterday.

“We’re reserving $6.3 million and hopefully the Commonwealth will match that funding. Tweed Shire Council have an application in with the Federal Government  for that funding and they hope to receive their decision by the end of August. Tweed Council are also making a contribution of $600K dollars,” Mr Marshall said.

Mr Thomas George also noted the timeliness of the announcement as the Richmond Valley Council and Lismore City Council have also been working towards a rail trail on their line.

“With the support of the community and their fundraising efforts, the councils will now go ahead to put their application together, to be able to take that forward to the State and Federal Government as well,” he said.

Gianpiero Battista (Lismore Council), Hilary Wise (NRRT), Minister Adam Marshall), Cameron Arnold (NRRT), Marie Lawton (NRRT), Will Jeffery (Original Rail Trailer!), Thomas George (Local Member for Lismore), Pat Grier (NRRT), Barry Longland (ex mayor Tweed), Geoff Provest (Local member for Tweed), Don Page (CEO RDA), Reece Byrnes (Tweed Council).

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